Three Willamette Professors Talk Writing at the Book Bin

Posted on Jan 15, 2016 in Author Signings | 0 comments

When: Friday February 5th at 7pm

Where: Downtown Salem Book Bin

If you have ever wondered what it is like to feel the joy of publishing a new book, and the difficulties of getting it published, come join Scott Nadelson, Stephanie Lenox, and Danielle Deulen for a celebration of their newest books to be published on Friday February 5th at 7pm.  Novelist Scott has written Between You and Me about life in the suburbs.  Stephanie has written a book of poetry about business called The Business, and Danielle Deulen has written a compelling work of poetry called Our Emotions Get Carried Away Beyond us.  Come Join us.

Between You and Me by ScottNadelson The Business by Stephanie Lenox Our Emotions Get Carried Away Beyond Us by Danielle Deulen Look at our complete events calendar


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