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Author information

Congratulations on writing a book! That is a huge accomplishment

Please understand that we evaluate tens of thousands of new books every year and field dozens of requests every week. Our physical space and staffing/scheduling capacity do not allow us to accommodate every book and author we might like

We receive stocking requests from independently and traditionally published authors daily. Thank you for understanding that our staff cannot handle phone calls or drop-in visits, and that unsolicited books or manuscripts that are dropped off or mailed to the store will be considered donations and will become property of The Book Bin

Before you read through our FAQs, please take a moment to search for your book on our website (type your name, the book title, or the ISBN into the search bar on the homepage). Your book may already be available to order through our website! That information will help guide you to the most relevant questions below.

Also, please know that if your author website, social media bio, or marketing materials link only to your book's listing on amzn, we will not consider your submission. For more information about why that is our policy, check out How to Resist Amazon and Why or related pamphlet by fellow bookseller Danny Cain.


What criteria are you looking for when you choose to put books on your shelves?

The most important thing we consider in curating our inventory is to meet the needs of our customer base. If you know Salem or Corvallis, you know that means covering a very wide range of interests, reading habits, budgets, tastes, and purposes. Every book we carry is something we think will sell 6+ copies per year. If it doesn't, it gets returned to the publisher, no matter who the author is or how much we might love the book.

My book is listed on your website as a special order. How can I get you to put it on your shelves?

The best way is to encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to order your book through us, either through our website, over the phone, or at the register. When we get multiple orders for a book, it puts it on our radar better than any marketing campaign could possibly do. Our in-store inventory changes every day, and one of the biggest guides we have in knowing what our customers are asking for.

My book is NOT listed on your website. How can I get you to carry it?

If your book isn't listed on our site, that means it's not available through our existing vendors at our standard terms. In that case, consignment is the only option, and due to constraints on shelf space and administrative time, we can only offer that to Salem and Corvallis residents. Consignment submissions are open twice a year (on par with seasonal buying we do from publishers.) If you DO live in Salem or Corvallis and are interested in submitting your book for consignment, regardless of how it is published and distributed, please fill out the form, which is open for responses during February and August.