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The Girl Who Heard Dragons

The Girl Who Heard Dragons

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Publication Date: June 5th, 2012
Tor Books
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A new, beautifully illustrated edition of the anthology that collects some of Anne McCaffrey's short fantasy and science fiction, including the title story set in the world of the bestselling Dragonriders of Pern series.

Anne McCaffrey's dragons are the stuff of which SF/fantasy legends are made. All of her dragon books have been national bestsellers.

The Girl Who Heard Dragons is a feast for McCaffrey fans and for all readers—a big, satisfying compilation of her fiction. Best of all, it opens with an original short novel of Pern, "The Girl Who Heard Dragons," the story of Aramina, a teenage girl whose special skill does not seem likely to help solve her family's problems. They are "holdless," and must constantly roam the land, trying to hide from bandits. Aramina's mother fears losing her daughter completely to the life of a dragonrider, but McCaffrey has another fate in mind for her young heroine.

Romance, humor, colorful description, and affecting characters are Anne McCaffrey's hallmarks and the fifteen stories herein have these virtues in abundance. No wonder the Chicago Sun-Times described her as a "master of the well-told tale." In addition, The Girl Who Heard Dragons contains twenty-four beautiful black and white drawings by award-winning artist Michael Whelan.

About the Author

Anne McCaffrey was born in 1926 in Cambridge, Massachusetts and published her first novel in 1967. The author of the celebrated Dragonriders of Pern series, McCaffrey was known for her groundbreaking portrayal of women as heroic protagonists, and for her unique combination of science fiction and fantasy. She was the first woman to win a Hugo Award and a Nebula Award, and in 2005 was named a grand master of science fiction. She lived in County Wicklow, Ireland, in a house of her own design, Dragonhold-Underhill, until her death in 2011.

Praise for The Girl Who Heard Dragons

“Anne McCaffrey, with her dragons, says something very valuable about humans and their interplay with the world around them.” —Marion Zimmer Bradley, author of The Mists of Avalon

“Few are better at mixing elements of high fantasy and hard science fiction in a narrative that disarms skepticism by its open embrace of the joys of wish fulfillment.” —The New York Times Book Review