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Hooray for Summer!

Hooray for Summer!

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Publication Date: June 13th, 2023
NorthSouth Books
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"A good read-aloud choice as summer approaches."—Booklist

A sudden summer thunderstorm sends the squirrel siblings to seek shelter with new friends. A beloved book redesigned with a fresh new look.

Mick, Mack, and Molly are enjoying a summer afternoon, when suddenly things are very still. Nothing is moving—not even the frogs, birds, or flowers. And then everyone is on the run—birds are flocking overhead and small animals are racing for shelter. Rain pours down and the thunder booms. Lightning cracks and flashes . . . and Mick, Mack, and Molly are caught in the middle of one of the most exciting moments of summer—a sudden summer thunderstorm. It can be scary, but for the three squirrel children, safe and dry in a cave, it brings new friends.

Beloved author Kazuo Iwamura explores the seasons as he does in his other books—Hooray for Spring, Hooray for Fall, Hooray for Snow.

About the Author

Kazuo Iwamura was born in Tokyo. He is one of the most famous picture book artists in Japan. His work has won many awards. He lives in Tochigi, where he founded the Museum for Picture Book Illustrations. It stands on a hill named Ehon-no-Oka, which means Picture Book Hill. 

Praise for Hooray for Summer!

"The animals' faces are expressive, and the colors go from bright to muted to dark as the storm approaches. Yellow highlights the dark as lightning crashes and rain streaks down the pages in white stripes. A solid addition, especially where the first two books are popular."
— School Library Journal

"First published in Japan, this picture book vividly portrays the wide-eyed fear of the young animals and their sudden bonding when lightning strikes nearby. The illustrations, with their precise lines and soft colors, could convey the basic story on their own, but the words add another dimension by telling what cannot be seen, from the characters' words to the scent of the earth after a storm. A good read-aloud choice as summer approaches."
— Booklist

"The gently-hued, story -telling illustrations complement the sensitive tones of the text. Hooray for Summer! is a tale that little ones will engage in and enjoy, with moments of drama, uncertainty, sadness, and rejoicing."
— Midwest Book Review