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Corvallis Book Bin

Open every day 10a.m.-7p.m.

215 SW 4th St

Corvallis, OR 9733


Buying counter open by appointment daily, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

To schedule an appointment please call or visit the store between 10am-7pm. We will need to know how many boxes or bags of books you are looking to sell, so that we can plan how much time to devote to your books. We plan based on a standard bankers box or grocery bag. If your containers are larger than that, please let us know.

The parking lot at the end of the 4th St. block is for use by Book Bin patrons. If you are not able to find parking in front of the store, please feel free to borrow a hand truck to help transport your books inside.

If you are looking for a book, please let us know:

If you include a last name, it helps us ensure your books are not confused with another customer's.
We will leave a message if you do not answer, but we are not able to text.
If you are looking for more than one book, please list them in the "message" field. 
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